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Our Research is devoted to mine, manage and apply integral and comprehensive relevant data to derive integrated and robust business solutions.
NEEV is an industry leader with an in-depth and congenial understanding of human psychology and behaviour. We conduct thorough primary and secondary market research giving data a human interface. We infuse creativity, passion, expertise and seasoned knowledge to curate campaigns, strategies, manifestos and the way forward.

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India glows with its diversity from the remotest hilltop habitations in Kashmir to salient southern villages of Kanyakumari, and the heterogeneous crowd from far east of the nation to the locals of the western ghats. NEEV Research spans its umbrella in each corner of our nation; possessing a deep understanding of the different territories, linguistics, cultures, history, values and life experiences.

While collecting data, evaluating it and distilling it into applicable policies and solutions for  our clients, we incorporate aspects of human behaviour that assure accuracy and superlative quality.

What We Do

We scout, work-on, work-with and feed on raw, authentic information to discover direct-indirect impacts and real-time human and market behaviour. We collate widespread unorganized data into systematic and processed information, filtering the obsolete; and churning out substantial inferences to :

Derive engaging insights and guidelines for your business and company agenda.

Using research to scale your business and long-term company visions.


We conduct our research using CAPI, CAWI, and CATI methods for highly scaled up digital data collection campaigns that preserve individuality and quality. NEEV diligently peruses the assortment of responses and renders consultancy premised on detailed authentic observations and studies.

Market Research

Growing businesses with sophisticated analytics and understanding of human behaviour through primary and secondary research. We conduct field surveys to bring about the desired outcome through authentic data.

Data Storytelling

Number speak and they always have a story to tell. We are your tool to visualise and communicate unique insights to your audience, by deducing patterns through specialized segregation and narratives.

Digital Data Collection

We specialize in data collection through field surveys to collate widespread and diverse views and assimilating them into engaging and effective policies and strategies.

Creative Qualitative

We analyze human behaviour and produce solutions and design approaches that are completely indigenous and bring about CHANGE. For us, the quality of our research comes second to none.

Customized Study

We at NEEV, curate bespoke research, and analytical packages according to your need.  We tailor the best methodology for you, based on your focused group, the medium of interaction, demographics or other variable factors.

Social Media Research

We are your lens for a holistic view of  the virtual world. Our insights use tools with advanced social listening features to tap and track your influence, which helps you to grow your brand.

Our Expertise

We provide the following services in an end-to-end integrated and elaborate structure.

We catalyst your venture’s growth and long-term strategies; deducing meaningful insights based upon foundational research. Brain science that helps you develop a deeper understanding of your customers so you can create on their behalf.


We analyse the effectiveness of policies and projects, to obtain a better development result to help you build evidence-based policies. Our research is designed to identify what works and what doesn’t for your beneficiaries and customers.


“Good design is good business” – Thomas Watson Jr.
We help to create your brand story and communicate with your audience by using social media, advertisements and marketing tools.


We help you listen to the underlying sentiments by monitoring and tracking social media. We ascertain the degree of responsiveness to various schemes and policies by calculating their acceptance and latent desires and requirements of the masses. Analysing online social engagement of not only your consumers but also your competitors.


We facilitate to create waves of actionable change in your journey of creating valuable social impact.


Conspicuous implementation of large scale manifestos and philosophy of your organization.

Communication through Storytelling

Our methodology of data science and storytelling is rooted in engaging with your stakeholders, explaining through a narrative, and enlightening you with implementable insights that bring about desired changes.

Our Domain


We serve a variety of domains for our clients; applying years of expertise, field knowledge and passion.

Conducting and curating training, and providing coaching on behalf of our clients.

Skill development by enabling remote digital learning programmes and their effectiveness.

Spearheading research in calculating the scope, need, efficiency of energy based utilities and services.

Administering research for better implementation and execution of government schemes in the agricultural domain.

Your partners in accelerating your efforts to protect our environment for sustainable development.

We provide consulting for your efforts to change livelihoods by sustainable tourism, exploring cultures and preserving heritage.

We study the potency of infrastructure projects across tiers and let our research, guide you and your business.

Measuring effectiveness of programmes in the field of nutrition, WASH and government health policies.


Does the word ‘data’ get you as excited as us?

We are looking for curious minds.

At NEEV, we foster a work culture that goes beyond conventions and is mustered with creativity and opportunities.

Feel empowered every moment as you contribute to great causes, as a part of an organization that is touching lives and brands.

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